Miss Dänby & the What \ Miss Daahn-bee and the wot \ , noun;
1. Band put together by musician/singer/songwriter Miss Dänby. 2. Hailing from the cold nether regions of North East England and Brummyland via Welsh Rabbits. 3. "At once both sweet and harsh." - NARC. magazine

What, what, what

Miss Danby & the What are a four-piece band hailing from Newcastle upon Tyne assembled by local musician/singer/songwriter Miss Danby. The line-up is completed by Stu Coles on lead guitar, Fran Knowles on drums and Alex James on bass/vocal harmonies.

With an alternative indie sound; shades of shoegaze, punk rock and a riot grrl edge, MD&TW have already recruited admirers and won plaudits with their darkly charming, honest and nuanced take on post-punk - played with “all the panache of Siouxsie Sioux on a long weekend break with X-Ray Spex." (The Crack Magazine).

Their latest release on Clarty Cat Records, ‘Like Greta Garbo, bursts, fizzes and sparks to life with ‘Who Needs Enemies, a searing and breathlessly brutal appraisal of human relationships whilst Stop Giving Me Butterflies flutters sweetly and gently between the feelings of love, longing and loss. ‘Like Greta Garbo’ is a six-track punch to your face, at once both sweet and harsh, with soft kisses to soothe the bruises.

Image Credit: Some Thing Visual Photography