Miss Dänby & the What \ Miss Daahn-bee and the wot \ , noun;
1. Band put together by multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter Miss Dänby. 2. Hailing from the cold nether regions of North East England and Brummyland via Welsh Rabbits. 3. "At once both sweet and harsh." NARC. magazine

What, what, what

Miss Danby & the What were a four-piece band hailing from the North East of England and West Midlands. Assembled by Northumbrian singer/songwriter Miss Danby, who composed and wrote most of the songs, along with being lead singer and guitarist. The line-up later comprised of Stuart Coles also on guitar, Alex James on bass along with lush vocal harmonies, and Francesca Knowles who aced the drums as well as providing backing vocals for one of the band's only group efforts in songwriting Lemon Seed. Unhappy with feeling put in a box, the end of 2017 saw Miss Danby already planning a new lease of life in musical direction, plus probable name change for the Whats. It was Fran's untimely departure at the beginning of 2018, due to major musical commitments around the globe, that spurred Miss Danby on to put wheels into motion, disbanding the group by mutual agreement several weeks later. Half of the band would later go on to add flesh to the bones of another project in the works Plain Jane Superbrain.

Miss Danby's skills in songwriting attracted interest from several big names in the music industry including Fiction and Polydor records among others. Nevertheless, it was independence she longed to retain, along with creative freedom for all members and complete copyright ownership for her and the What's music. The relationship with independent D. I. Y. pundits Clarty Cat Records was born and MD&TW began working on a debut release. Their first EP 'Like Greta Garbo' was met with critical acclaim and plans were made to finish several more songs in the studio. 'Like Greta Garbo' burst to life with ‘Who Needs Enemies', a searing and breathlessly brutal appraisal of human relationships whilst the long-awaited 'Stop Giving Me Butterflies' fluttered sweetly and gently between the feelings of love, longing, and loss. This was an appetizing nudge of things to come.

With an alternative indie sound; shades of shoegaze, rock, and a riot grrrl edge, Miss Danby & the What recruited admirers and won plaudits with their darkly alluring, gothic, gutsy, honest and nuanced take on post-punk - played with “all the panache of Siouxsie Sioux on a long weekend break with X-Ray Spex." (The Crack Magazine). The band's full and only album release 'Hey There' is due out in 2020, allowing all former members to move on in their new directions. You will be hearing from us...

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