What, what, what

Miss Dänby and the What \ Miss Daahn-bee and the wot \ , noun;
1. Band put together by musician/singer/songwriter Miss Dänby. 2. Hailing from the cold nether regions of North East England and Brummyland via Welsh Rabbits. 3. "At once both sweet and harsh." - NARC. magazine

Who, who, who

Miss Dänby - Vox, stroker of stringed things, ridiculous dance move attempts like a gibbon on uppers | Mista Woo - Guitar, effects wizardry, may be coerced into wearing lady clothes.. watch this space... | Miss Alex James - Backing vocals, keyboards/synth and oh yes bass guitar; with that name she couldn't be anything else really! | Miss Francesca Knowles - Drums, percussion, backing vocals and occasional longing stares at the skin of her snare!

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Image Credits: Melanie McTeer and Some Thing Visual Photography