Live Gigs & Other Events

    • Booking now for gigs in 2018
    • Track release by Miss Danby & One What Alex James in collaboration with.. shhh! Details coming soon...
    • 2018 release - MDANDTW:Remixed & Across The Hall music video
    • Spring 2018 - New track recording sessions and live music video production.

    If you are a festival, gig organiser or another band/performer looking for support we'd like to hear from you if you'd like to add Miss Danby & the What to your lineup.

    PLEASE NOTE: We don't play battle of the bands events or gigs where acts are expected to buy tickets in advance to sell. We're happy to consider all other events where cracking live music is on the bill.

Image Credits: Decibel42, Paul Murray Media and Some Thing Visual Photography